About Me!

Hello! My name is Sonali. I live in Adelaide, Australia and I am in Year 6.

In Summer I play tennis and do swimming and in Winter I play netball. I also play piano and saxophone.

My other hobbies are writing storiesĀ and doing coding. I like writing stories because I think that everyone should use their imagination in their life. I also do coding because when you struggle with a part of coding you should keep trying and coding makes people learn to be persistent.

Another thing about me is that I can never make up my mind about my favourite things. For example, my favourite food is either donuts or ice cream, my favourite drink is either milkshakes or bubble tea and my favourite colour is blue or pink. See what I mean!

My favourite subject at school is definetely Science, but I like other subjects like Spelling, Drama and Maths (although it really depends on what we are working on). I also like doing other things got to do with STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) for example, coding (as I have mentioned earlier). I love working on Scratch, Code.org and Grok. I often have coding competitions with my friend Lauren who is also doing the blog challenge this year.

One of the things I believe is that everyone gets to choose their own way in life and customise their own things and do what they want. This is why I made my quote on my blog “Make every dream possible”.

I hope to see you on my blog at future times and I will be sure to visit yours!

11 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hello Sonali.
    Nice blog post and introduction. It really is ok to like many things. Life will never be boring that way.
    I’m interested in learning again how to code. I did it many years ago, but have forgotten many things. Some of my teachers feel that coding is really important in helping students learn how to solve problems. What do you think?
    I hope you have a chance to create an avatar. Check out my blog at http://dinahhunt.edublogs.org/ and search for avatars to see the posts I’ve done on the topic. So many to choose from and they all have something special. Have fun with the challenges.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Dina, thanks for your feedback.
      If you would like to do coding I suggest Code.org, Scratch or Grok. There are lots of courses and tutorials about coding on those websites.
      I really love your blog too! I love how it is detailed about certain topics (I know I should be saying this as a comment on your blog).

  2. I like your blog and the detail you put into it. I also like how much time you must of put into this post.

  3. Hello again.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely check them out.
    What is it that you enjoy the most about coding? I remembered coding as part of a class requirement.
    Thank you for the kind comments about my blog. Like many other bloggers I’m never sure what to write about – so I don’t – but I should. So, I use mine as a way of participating and sharing in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge.

    • Hello again again,
      My favourite thing about coding would be making games and apps and learning about different types of code. If you go on Scratch my username is falabellagypsyhorse if you want to check out my stuff!

  4. Thank you for telling me where to find out more about you! It seems that you are a force to be reckoned with- talented, interested in learning, smart. I have used Scratch and Hour of Code, but I don’t know much about coding. Anything tech for learning, I’m all over it, though. My favorite part about me right now, is my dog. I have a great German shepherd who is my best friend, and who has helped me through some difficult times. Anyway, nice to know you (now).

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