Easter Bunny Origami

This is a picture of an Origami Bunny I made. I have proposed a few questions that I have thought of about this topic and am going to answer them.

Have you ever wondered why Rabbits symbolise Easter? This is because of their high reproduction rate. This means they can have a lot of babies, fast. Babies symbolise a new life, which is why Rabbitsbare associated with Jesus’s ressurection.

Have you ever wondered why Eggs are associated with Easter? Eggs, they symbolise a new life, just like babies do.

Why a Rabbit, not a Chicken? Lots of people think that there should be an Easter chicken, not Bunny/Rabbit. Though what they probably don’t realise is that Rabbits give birth more than chickens. Sure, chickens lay more eggs, but a different type. They lay eggs to eat, not necessarily eggs to reproduce.

Conclusion of my research:

Easter Bunnies exist not because they lay eggs (they don’t, actually) but because of their high reproduction rate.

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This particular post is about coding.

Coding is personally one of my favourite things to do, in my spare time, for fun!

You can use coding to make games, apps, design webpages, program robots and loads more!

There are many different types of coding. You don’t have to like all types. I love coding with HTML and CSS.

Coding is important because if you understand it, you can understand how technological things are made. Coding is like another language.

C oding Acrostic poem

O rganised structure

D ifficult at times

I nteresting to learn

N ational and International Competitions

G reat fun!

If you haven’t already, please view my page I have created about coding!



New house story

 This picture was from the website: Photos for Class.

I wrote a story about this picture:

There was a shiver down my spine at the thought of moving to a new town. I was leaving my school, my home and my friends behind.

The car ride was bumpy which made me feel even sicker inside. Mum and Dad kept whispering to each other about the reason why we have to move. They won’t dare to tell me yet, I wonder why?

My sister was sitting in the very back, listening to music on her headphones, being very unsocial.

The view outside was a pretty sight, the sunset was towering over the tall buildings. The houses looked very posh and fancy. I hoped our house was one of these.

“Here’s the street!” Dad said, and he pulled the car into a row of houses, all neatly lined up, and they seemed to be colour coded. The road was rough, and I had that pang of sickness again. I hid under my suitcase.

“Here we are!” I heard Mum say. I pushed the suitcase out of my view. The house was not what I expected it to be like.

The roses in the garden were all evenly lined up in rows, they would have looked nice if they were alive! The roses were all brown and crumpled, most of them falling onto the dry, grey grass.

The house on the outside, well, it looked like it was about 100 years old! The windows were completely covered in dust, the top of the roof was falling off. The front of the house was painted camouflage green on a sharp, shaggy texture.

“It’s a nice house, isn’t it?” Mum said. Dad smiled along, although I could tell something was wrong. My sister had taken her headphones off and passed me the key. I unlocked the door and turned the handle. The handle immediately fell off.

“Oh no!” Dad said. “I better call the landlord!”

“This house is rented?” I asked. No one had ever told me that. No one answered either.

So I waited for half an hour in the car for the landlord to come over. The landlord told us that there was a side door to use until the door handle got fixed.
We finally went inside, but the inside was not as I expected either.

It was tiny. The walls were cracked. The glass was smashed. There was no kitchen. There was no bathroom. Everything was just empty.

Mum turned to face me. “There’s something your father and I have got to tell you.”

This is the end of my bit. I strongly encourage you to finish it off by commenting your ending below. Thanks!


I am going to write a poem about this photo:


Black is a colour

though it’s actually not.

You can use it to draw

strokes, lines and dots.

Black is the opposite colour of white,

Black is the colour of the sky at night.

Black is the anger of people’s day to day moods.

Black is the colour when people are rude.

Black is the colour of Partner’s in crime.

Black is the colour that shiver’s down your spine.



I chose this photo of an orangutan. Orangutans are a type of ape and apes are closely related to humans. Orangutans are an endangered species and are now only found in rain forests in Southeast Asian Islands. What if humans ever became endangered? That would be bad, although very unlikely.

About Me!

Hello! My name is Sonali. I live in Adelaide, Australia and I am in Year 6.

In Summer I play tennis and do swimming and in Winter I play netball. I also play piano and saxophone.

My other hobbies are writing stories and doing coding. I like writing stories because I think that everyone should use their imagination in their life. I also do coding because when you struggle with a part of coding you should keep trying and coding makes people learn to be persistent.

Another thing about me is that I can never make up my mind about my favourite things. For example, my favourite food is either donuts or ice cream, my favourite drink is either milkshakes or bubble tea and my favourite colour is blue or pink. See what I mean!

My favourite subject at school is definetely Science, but I like other subjects like Spelling, Drama and Maths (although it really depends on what we are working on). I also like doing other things got to do with STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) for example, coding (as I have mentioned earlier). I love working on Scratch, Code.org and Grok. I often have coding competitions with my friend Lauren who is also doing the blog challenge this year.

One of the things I believe is that everyone gets to choose their own way in life and customise their own things and do what they want. This is why I made my quote on my blog “Make every dream possible”.

I hope to see you on my blog at future times and I will be sure to visit yours!